Reset USB on Lotus v1.0

I recently got a Lotus v1.0 through Mouser Electronics. It was working for the most part last night and I was able to see the /dev/ttyUSB0 file when it was plugged in. Today, I can’t seem to get anything to even see it. I have tried different cables, different USB ports, and different operating systems. I have tried holding the reset button while unplugging the USB and plugging it back in. In Linux, it doesn’t show up when I run lsusb, and it never shows up as a message in dmesg (I tried this on two different Linux computers). Under Windows, it doesn’t show up under Device Manager. I read that sometimes the USB chip on the Arduino Uno will need to be reset. Is there a similar reset procedure for the CH340, or should I just send it back?

I got it recognized using yet another USB cable, so I guess the problem is solved. Strange that one of the USB cables stopped working with it though :neutral_face: