reServer i51135g7 Insufficient Power

Hello Seeed Studio. Been a long time fan, used the Odyssey x86j4105864 for years without issue. However, recently needed more oomph behind my Linux firewall (2.5Gbe with packet inspection), so I picked up the reServer i5 (the highest model that was available at the time).

I’m concerned that possibly the power supply the unit comes with (a 60W power adapter by LiteOn [Model HA-1600-12]) is insufficient for when the CPU is maxed out. I’d had problems before with the system restarting without error logs, and to attempt to replicate, I ran a prime95 Small FFT test against the unit and the entire system -immediately- powered down and rebooted.

I assume the adapter is spec’d for the system; could I have received a faulty one? I’d test with USB PD but this model doesn’t provide that capability.

@JousterL We will reply to you after we have done the same test.

@JousterL We do not limit the power of the CPU, so in some special stress test procedures the current will up to 5.4 amperes, the duration is about 20 seconds, if your system has other devices, such as hard disks, etc., in this case with our adapter will indeed have insufficient current to cause the system to power down. If your application has a CPU working at the limit situation, there are two ways to solve it,

  1. We recommend that you set the power of PL1 to 28W and the power of PL2 to 35W, as shown below. The path is Advanced->Power & Performance->CPU - Power Management Control->Config TDP Configurations
  2. You can use a 12V/10A adapter, the interface of DC power supply is 5525 specification.

Thank you for the reply. I can confirm I do have two HDDs inside the unit. I can also confirm that upon replacing the LiteOn 60W adapter with a 120W adapter, I can max the CPU cores and the unit continues to operate within specification.

It may be worth adding language to that effect to the reServer page for anyone else who stumbles into this possibility.

Ths for your advices! :smiley: