reServer i5 1145GRE

Is there any news on when the i5 1145GRE w/ thunderbolt version of the reServer will be available for purchase?

@blazarr On going. :sweat_smile:

Very vague answer lol. Were these ever actually for sale at some point?

I plan on waiting on them so I guess I better be prepared for quite the wait.

Hi, we are improving the performance of Vpro and testing the compatibility of 5G module. May be 2-3 months can be in store.

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Any updates about the availability date?

Is the ODYSSEY board version with 1145GRE will be released in this term too?

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Also following up here, hoping we are getting close to a release.

Will it just show up on the shop one day? Is there a way to setup a notification?

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@Bruce.Qin Maybe you have any news about release date?

Is this still planned for release?

Well we are going on close to a year since the last response to this.

Any update on this would be really appreciated.

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Sorry, due to a change in product plan, we have cancelled this project.

Is the entire line cancelled, the reServer in general? Or is just this version of it cancelled ?

Only that version was cancelled.