reServer i3-1125G4 HDDs randomly disconnect under load

Hello there. I just purchased a reServer from seeedstudio a couple weeks ago and installed 2 Seagate Exos x18 18TB drives in it. I’ve been using this thing as a NAS and plex stack and I’ve been having trouble with the hard drives randomly disconnecting, it seems while under load.

According to the datasheet these drives are rated at 9.4W max power draw so I don’t think it’s a power issue necessarily.

SMART comes back all good on both drives and I ran a full scan of both with Stablebit scanner and all the blocks are readable no problem.

I’m using Server 2022 Datacenter as the hypervisor and I have all the latest drivers installed from here: Upgrading BIOS and Installing Drivers | Seeed Studio Wiki

Does anyone have ideas as to what the issue could be? Thanks.

The included power adapter might not be able to power this machine which pluged such HDD. You can take a 12V/10A adapter for a try. :grinning: