Reserver i3-1125 B-Key to M-Key Adapter for NVME

Just got the Reserver i3-1125 and want to build out a NAS. I can’t find any drives with good storage for the B-Key slot. Would I be able to use a b-key to m-key adapter, like this one and then add in a normal m.2 nvme pcie drive?

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Nice unit that i3-1125 , AFAIK , YES should adapt. I’m not sure if there’s a performance hit or not but more than likely, definitely worth a try if It’s cheap and returnable. SATA III should be fast enough with the i3 though. I may pull the trigger on one of these Reserver’s for a Google Coral AI TPU (e-Key) install. Need more info on it however.
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Thanks! My first homelab and this one checks a lot of boxes for me. Just saw a lot of confusion around that b-key, which is typically for SATA m.2 drives(RIP, mostly), however I read somewhere that reserver explicitly wants nvme (pcie) devices plugged into the B, as it does not have a SATA controller assigned. I couldn’t exactly tell if my linked product was going to introduce SATA into the mix and muck stuff up. Once upon a time I plugged in an unintended m.2 device into my gaming rig and fried the port, so I am overly nervous about this stuff.

WOW, Yea been there done that…
Yea they dual use the controller, If you install a sata drive you can’t use the slot? WTH crazy designs.
Well now with all the pci lanes etc, should work well but YMMV.
I like the Size and IMO the I3 4C8T is the SHazzisle :star_struck: sweet spot , not too cold (slow) and NOT too HOT :sweat_smile: I’m curious haw big of a SATA3 drive it can handle? (2x 12TB’s?) :nerd_face:
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