Rerouter OpenWRT package kernal not compatible

Hey all I am trying to fix this issue of me installing a package called kmod-usb-storage:

It needs 5.10.161-1-61a27be6 while the latest one on their OneDrive is version 5.10.161-1-8e526e5d.

The compiled image I am using from Seeeds OneDrive location is called:


I have tried:
Openwrt > openwrt-22.03.3 > bcm27xx > bcm2711 > minimal
Openwrt > openwrt-22.03 > 2023-10-16 > bcm27xx > bcm2711 > minimal
Openwrt > openwrt-22.03 > 2023-10-13 > bcm27xx > bcm2711 > minimal

It looks to be the latest versions that’s available on their OneDrive account?

Does anyone have a newer compiled version for this month (November) since it looks like the latest one was on 10/16/2023? It looks like the lastest stable release on Openwrt’s website is version 23.05.2?


If anyone else in the forum knows how to build the openwrt firmware with the newest 23.3 OpenWRT version then that would be much appreciated!

I am unable to get any of my builds to work.

@perfessor101 Looks like we are looking for the same thing!

Hi TDG1999
We’re sorry to tell you that we haven‘t updated the newest 23.3 OpenWRT version at this time, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
When it’s updated in the future, we’ll alert you on the weekly wiki and update it in OneDrive!

I would like to request that a step by step guide be in its place then on how to go about creating the custom openWRT firmware. It’s the least you could do.

This is my first Seeed product and so far it hasn’t been a good experience. A company should not leave the user high and dry especially when it says it will have daily build images being made for a product you still sell.

I don’t mind making an image myself but it’s a lot less tedious if I know what all you did to compile yours and what steps to take to do the same thing myself.

We really apologize for the not-so-good experience. These are some of the steps our developers packaged. You can try to follow this

Thanks for the post @Seeed_Seraphina but could you please add more detail as to how we would go about using these files you have linked to?