Require 3 hardware UARTs

Hello, I am in need of 3 UARTs for my project. I don’t wish to use SoftwareSerial library. After much searching I found that I will need to modify the variant.h and variant.cpp files to enable PIO_SERCOM and PIO_SERCOM_ALT for the Seeeduino XIAO. This is above my skill level and any help will be greatly appreciated.

You do need to modify variant.h and variant.cpp, and if this feature is needed by most people, we will provide an example.

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Thank you, much appreciated. I am sure it would benefit many hobbyist.

Yes, I second the request. I also need multiple UARTs.

I can also use multiple UARTs

I also need 3 UARTs.

Last November you said you would provide an example if multiple people request it. Is the example available yet?