Request for .dat file sample from the Quad

Hello all you lucky people that have already got your quads. Can i impose on someone to send me a dat file from the device so that i can try and build a import filter for the PC client i have been developing. It is already set up for accepting 4 signals and i just need a sample file to play with. I am still waiting for my quad to arrive …

Cheers Pete.

I just tried saving you the .DAT file… but it seems something is wrong, the save command displays “ok”, but the file does not get saved!!!
Hopefully a firmware update will fix this soon.

I just tried again.
If I save the DAT file, and I load it again, I can recall it with CH-D to display all the waveforms that were on the screen when I saved it, but it does not write it to the file.
If I try to access it from the disk, it is the same file I uploaded…
So I assume it is a bug…

pls the download the files:
and , there is a readme file in it. I have checked this function again, and it seems ok .Thanks .

Hi i am actualy looking for a .dat file that contains waveform data not just a flatline if possible and the bmp to match it so i can test my import functions.

Cheers Pete.

I think Hugeman is answering 1089. The files should be copied into the flash so that they are used later as template to copy the screen images and data.

Here are files saved by my engineering version of the Quad. The bmp shows the input signals, the trigger is on the sinewave (chnl1) and so the squarewave on channel (chnl2) is not triggered. The (chnl4) trace is Chanl1 + chnl2. There is some confusion because the channels are labeled a,b,c,d; yet the traces are labeled 1,2,3,4. I can’t get the dat file to load so I can not conform that it is the same content as the BMP, but the save dat says “OK”. (8.55 KB)

Thank you for this, it is not intuative so a lot of messing with a hed editor i think will be needed :slight_smile:

OK the file is not simple, it is not obvious where the channels separate or where any of the trigger/range/frequency etc data is held in the files. Does anyone out there have access to the firmware source and can tell me the file layout of this .dat file.

Cheers Pete.

The files are here :
But beware the comments are in chinese. So you have to guess. Fortunatly variables name is self explanatory.

when recall the waveform for .dat file, you should first navigate to the save menu, and recall the data from the .dat file you saved . then , navigate to the CHD , there are file_1,2,3,4 ,represents the different channel data.

Hmmmm OK looking at the source here it seems that the dat file ONLY contains 300 samples per input trace … and that would be about the width of the screen. It has no other information that i can see like trigger values/input range/sample frequency etc.

Until we have this information as well as a larger sample buffer like the original 4k buffer then importing this data into a pc client is meaningless.

u8 Save_Dat(u8 FileNum)
u16 i, j, Rvalue;

Rvalue = Open_File(FileNum, “DAT”); // 2 KB data lenght : 4 *300 = 1.2KBytes
if(Rvalue != 0) return Rvalue;

for(j=0; j<4; j++){
for(i=0; i<299; i++){
SecBuff[i] = TrackBuff[i*4 + j];
SecBuff[299] = Title[j][POSI].Value;
__Disk_Buff_WR(SecBuff, File_Addr + j512);
__Disk_Buff_WR(SecBuff + 256, File_Addr + 256 +j

return 0;

anyone fancy taking on the challenge

Cheers Pete.

Just to further clarify, on Channel-D, does “file_1,2,3,4” refer to channel 1,2,3,4 data from the last dat file loaded or does “file_1,2,3,4” refer to file1.dat, file2.dat, file3.dat, file4.dat? The specs state that 4K storage is available for each channel, I wonder if that included the logic channels or is that only for the analog channels? Sorry about all the questions :smiley:

I would have to agree that the 300 byte dat file has little value. It does appear that they are saving 300 bytes for each of the 4 channels? If the factory is going to fix this, they should include XML export in lieu of dat export, and include all the storage (capture) buffers. I guess BenF just has us all spoiled with his XML capture buffer export and XML reference waves :confused: Speaking of BenF, haven’t heard much from him lately. I wonder if he is looking at Quad source code now that it is available?


As far as I understand, BenF has open is code. So I don’t understand why the people developping the software for the Quad didn’t use parts of that code. The save routine is a good example.

file_1,2,3,4 refer to channel 1,2,3,4 ,maybe change the “file_1” to “CHA” is more clear . :stuck_out_tongue:
the 4K storage is available for each channel means the storge for analog and digital channel that is :
for analog channel: when CHA and CHB are all working:4K8(bit)for CHA and CHB ;
when CHA or CHB is hiden: 8K
8(bit)for the un-hiden channel;
digital channel: 4k*1(bit) for CHC and CHD.