Repost: I want to connect IFTTT to the Seeed channel

I want to connect IFTTT to the Seeed channel. But when I click “Connect” it goes to a page at titled “Login Page Seeed Wio Link”, asks for username, pw, and International or China. I put in my login for Seeed pages, click “Authorize”, then the field boxes turn yellow and nothing else happens. In IFTTT connecting to a channel usually redirects to that channel but in this one it doesn’t. Could you please let me know if there is a better way to connect?

Actually, IFTTT has their own account system, so that if we wanna integrate Wio Link to IFTTT, we need to bind Wio Link and IFTTT.

“Login Page Seeed Wio Link” just tell IFTTT how to accessing your Wio Link and Grove. You need to login when you connect Seeed channel at first time. Just like you login other third-party web service with Google Account.

If you got some troubles, the best way is try again :frowning: