Replacing/upgrading from DSO Nano v2, suggestions?

Bought my DSO Nano v2 many years ago mainly for car audio setting gains.
Been using latest BenF firmware and has been working great.
Those two silver plastic buttons on the top has broke and Seed Sudio refuses to send me spare parts.
So to press on them i need to use a pen or something wich is a little bit sketchy :slight_smile:
So i figure… maybe its time to replace this and upgrade to a littble bit newer model with better hardware.

Those DSO models have a decent price too.

No need for like 4 channels i think 1-2 would be fine.

Finally, my DSO Nano V2 decided to give up. B-switch and negative cable from the battery to the pcb vanished/fell off.

Its time to throw it in the electronics bin at the recycling site.