Replacement switches

One of the push button switches on my DS203 is sticking.

Does anyone have the part number/link for a replacement?

From photos of the PCB I have seen, they appear to be a side-actuated surface mount with 4 legs.


I recommend you post on here like I did <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ght=switch”></LINK_TEXT>

Hopefully they will send some free.

Thanks for the suggestion.

In the end I worked it out myself, and I thought I’d post the details here in case it helps anyone else in the future.

The switches are Pansonic EVQPUC02K. I couldn’t find these readily in the UK, but there is a Wurth Electonik equivalent, part number 436331045822 which is available from RS - part number 785-645.

I found these to be superior to the original switches - a much more positive clicky feel, so I ended up replacing all four switches.

Very good. Thank you for reporting back.