Replacement Battery

My Quad is down to about a 5 minute battery life. Does anyone know of a source for a replacement battery?

Any reason why I shouldn’t use a drone battery?



use a lipo (lithium polymer) just open the case check the mAh and buy an equivalent lipo. when connecting it back check that the positive and negative leads aren’t swapped else you can do that by carefully lifting the plastic tabs on the jst connector and pulling out the leads.

Possible stores: Adafruit, amazon. But it MUST be lipo else the charging mechanism can break the battery and result in a fire.

I ended up ordering this:

which appears to be an exact replacement.

I’ll post a followup.

It seems to be the correct one, before plugging it in, check that the red and black wire are on the same sides as on the old one.

Here is a video about how to swap the leads, if needed :slight_smile:



i use alot o lipo’s so I do this quite often, it really depends on the manufacturer, how they put the leads.

Will do, thanks.

In case anyone finds this post looking for a battery, the above link is NOT a direct replacement. It’s a different size (a bit thicker) and has the wrong connector.

Swapping the connector isn’t an issue; I’m thinking about 3D printing a spacer for the scope’s shell to accommodate the battery’s additional thickness.