Replace water flow sensor in kit

Hi Seeedstudio,

I already have one “Grove Smart Plant Care”-kit and I want to order

additional two “Grove Smart Plant Care”-kit but the flow sensor that is

included in the kit have a different hose fitting diameter than the water

pump that comes with same kit.

At your site is another flow sensor available (same price) with only

difference that it has correct hose fittings (8 mm).

Hi Oliver,

Please try below setup. you need 2 kinds of tube for the connection.

1. the water flow is 1/4 inch, you need the 1/4 inch tube connect both water flow sensor and converter 1/4 inch side.
2. you also need a 1/8 inch tube to connect both converter 1/8 inch side and the pump.

For the water flow sensor replacement, I feedback to product manager. It will be much easier, you can connect the water flow sensor to pump directly with 1/8 inch tube.

best rgds

Ok I will try this right away. But I want to know the outer diameter size of the hose fittings for the flow sensor specified in the link below.
-Can you please measure the diameter of the inlet/outlet fittings of this flow sensor




The inlet/outlet fittings of yf-s401 is 2mm/7mm.


best rgds