RePhone - no display

My Rephone Create Kit arrived today, and I assembled it as per the instructions.

“Hold the power button for 2sec…”

1… 2…
…3… :frowning:

There is a slowly blinking green light, and if I attach it to a computer, sometimes I can see it as a USB storage device, with several .txt files (including settings.txt).

However, there is no output on the speaker or screen. :frowning:

What have I done wrong?

My Samsung Micro-USB cable (the one shipped with the Galaxy S6) seems to get abnormally warm when connected to my RePhone, if that helps.

EDIT: also, when I hold the power button, the LED goes green-purple-slow flashing green.

I’m an idiot. :blush:

Turns out my LCD cable wasn’t quite seated. I took it apart, reseated the cable, and it works now!

I changed the cable and now everything works fine.

Scusi, allow me to explain myself clearly: when I connected the audio module, the screen went dark. Turns out the cable was somehow shorting it. I swapped the cable and ever since both the screen and the audio module work fine.