RePhone Ext Pack Kit

I’ve got the RePhone kit (without RePhone module yet) and want to play with Xadow Duino in a mean time. So, here are some newbie questions.

What USB driver should I install for Xadow Duino?
What IDE should I be using?
Are there any starter’s guides for Xadow Duino? E.g. how to configure IDE and upload a sketch.

Thank you

Hi, please refer to the Xadow Duino Wiki I just updated, Use Xadow Duino with Arduino IDE section

Thank you a lot for a quick response. Especially for the sketch for led strap.

Are there other example sketches anywhere? E.g. how to work with the led matrix module?

Are examples ferm rephone arduino ide (sensors, nfc, gps) are compatible with xadow duino module? Can they be used with xadow duino?

Thank you again