Rephone Charging (Solved)

how do you charge the battery connected to a Xadow Ble + GSM module? Is there a lipo circuit charger on-board? Is it possible to charge it using the USB port?

Hi, thanos,

The Xadow GSM+BLE itself has a built-in charging circuit, which allows you to charging the battery using the USB port.

Hi Chao,
thanx for the response. Now it’s clear. :slight_smile: That was an info that is missing from the wiki. Maybe add it so that it is more obvious

Is it possible to use a bigger battery with this charging circuit? If not how much standby time does the default one provides?

Yes absolutely! The power consumption depends on how you use the board,

20mW ===>> standby(no radio)
30mW ===>> standby(GSM)
52mW ===>> standby(BT)

You can use a bigger battery which can supply a voltage level of 3.3 ~ 4.2V(no SIM)/3.5 ~ 4.2V(with SIM)

Great! Thanx for the info :slight_smile: