Rephone Arduino GSM examples (SMS, data, call)


Where can I find some basic Arduino examples which can be uploaded to Rephone GSM+BLE core? I have searched the whole wiki, forum and even API on GitHub, but I only came across to sample printing “Hello world” and same samples on GitHub showing how to access sensors. Unfortunately, nowhere I could find examples on how to use the phone (GSM) features such as:

  1. Send/Receive SMS
  2. Connect to internet (mobile data) and call som REST service, or provide some REST service
  3. Make a call
  4. Receive a call

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I haven’t browsed through the source code myself (yet :wink: ), sorry I can’t be more helpful, but the RePhone Kit Create source is here: … urce_Code/

Thanks for the link to the source. I am not sure what RePhone Create Kit is. Looking at the sources it seems like VisualStudioProject, so not an Arduino IDE project :frowning:

I would expect these examples to be under Arduino_IDE_for_RePhone github project* (directory “examples”). There are many Arduino examples, but unfortunately there is currently none related to GSM :frowning:

    • The forum doesn’t let me to post URL to the github project, sorry.


The RePhone Kit Create is the main kit Seeed offered with the Xadow GSM+BLE, Xadow Audio & Xadow Screen connected into a basic cellphone with paperboard “wrapper”.
[ ]

Those examples were for the Eclipse IDE, and not the arduino IDE specifically.

Thanks. Unfortunately, does not answer the core question where the samples for Arduino are. I hope someone from Seeed can answer soon.

This may just prove my newness, but I thought that you could program for arduino using the eclipse ide or the arduino ide? The arduino ide looks to me more like a text editor than an actual ide, but as I don’t have my hardware yet I haven’t been able to experiment with the different softwares more specifically.

So is the actual code used in eclipse ide different from what would be used in the arduino ide, but it’s compiled into code for the chip that works similarly?


I was also looking for examples for the arduino IDE it’s not clear on where they are or what api it uses. Here is what I found.

I have found some for call and texts but not for data, if you open up the arduino IDE as in the tutorial then do:
you will fine a SMS and call example. I have used the call one and success fully got it to work. The instructions aren’t very good In the call test but what the first block of code does is makes and receives calls.

the charbuffer var at the top is the number that will be called (change it and save the project before you forget, I don’t know who’s number it is but I have called it quite a few times now)
Download the project to the device.
boot the device and connect the modem port (you won’t see first few serial print messages as by the time you connected to the port it’s past them, you can use a delay(10000) to give you time to connect).
enter 1 to dial the preset number.
enter 2 to end the call.

you will also get info on in-coming calls.

I have been looking though the header files too trying to find out what you can make it do. There are better comments in there if you need them.

Hope this helps


Hi David,

The best way is to simply setup your sketchbook location as where you install the Arduino IDE for RePhone, then you’ll be able to see the example codes.
Also you can find the examples manually, just check my previous post for the path to the Arduino Examples of RePhone.


I’ve also updated this information on the Wiki.

I was following this discussion, was there are way to do HTTP post using this? I was using Linkit One before and i see that the board is using the same mcu.

Thanks chao.zhang for the answer. I found 2 examples: sending SMS and calling Out, which is great. However I am also interested about the other functionalities I mentioned in my first post, and which I consider to be a core functionalities of the RePhone:

  1. Receive SMS
  2. Connect to mobile data (Internet) and performing a REST call out (HTTP GET, POST, PUT etc.)
  3. Connect to mobile data (Internet) and providing some REST service - so that RePhone can be simple HTTP server
  4. Receive call with DTMF tones recognition and ability to implement something like IVR

Could we expect these to be supported for Arduino or should we consider some other way of development if we need to access these functionalities of the RePhone? At the moment, I mostly interest in calling a REST service from RePhone. However, I would like to hear about the other capabilities too.

Could you please clarify if those examples are for RePhone only or the same code can be used to work with sensors and modules from Xadow Duino module?