Remaining Life in body of email Seeed IoT Button for AWS

Is it possible to include Remaining Life in email when button is clicked? Remaining Life is included in device events object and can be viewed from iOS app or AWS IoT 1-Click site but I’d like to include in the email that gets triggered with button click…

You can set relevant events in the AWS service.

Thanks! I was able to update my Lambda function with the AWS IoT 1-Click Health Event {
“deviceInfo”: {

“remainingLife”: ##.#,


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Is this ready to work?

Yes; I’ve tested it with the button and verified the changes in remainingLife. I understand remainingLife is not based on the battery level but based on the 100,000 estimated cycles, or button pushes, Seeed has determined.

Would be great if we could report on current battery level. Any thoughts about adding that feature?