Relay shield's relays, are they actually SSRs?


I have recently bought one of your (very nicely built) relay shields.

I’m not new to mech relays but I am to Solid State Relays (SSR) and I have a question, are they actually SSRs?

Your website says they are solid photo-coupled relays (some rather dull info on SSR types) but the somewhat hard to find data-sheet on the relays you have used on your shield suggests they are mechanical .

UPDATE: I see there is a Photocoupler on-board but this is merely for switching the mech relays. I think the product description “Seeed Relay Shield is a smart module with 4 solid relays” is rather misleading. :neutral_face:


Sorry, what did you mean about SSRs?

Solid state relay , sorry I though SSR was a pretty common abbreviation. I have edited my original post to explain the abbreviation.

Sorry to tell you that we made a mistake on the documentation of Relay Shield. They are mechanical Relays.

Thank you so much for your feedback.


It’s a shame but I can live with it.

Good job on updating the documentation so quickly.