Relay shield support XBEE

I can plug my XBEE this
SHIELD ? Exist any sketch
for ZIGBEE test ?

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Hmm… It is quite hard to understand what you are trying to say…

Can you explain it better please?!

I bought a card RELAY SHIELD. She has just examples for use with RFBEE. I was wondering if it supports a shield SLOT an XBee DIGI smoothly.

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That is a good question. The Wiki documentation only mentions the RFBee. It would be reassuring to know that it works with Digi XBee modules also.

You may refer to the following book to know how to operate the IOs of XBee remotely.

Thanks for the information. My main concern was that the XBee is electrically compatible with the Relay Shield … ie if I was to plug in a XBee that there wouldn’t be cloud of “blue smoke”. I see from the RFBee documentation at … tible_node :

"Socket compatible with the Xbee, so you can plug it into any Xbee socket as a quick replacement. " … so I guess that should work the other way around too…

I think you should update your documentation on the Relay Shield to state explicitly that it is also compatible with the XBee. It might avoid some confusion (and maybe sell more units :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback, we will update it. :slight_smile: