relay shield

Hi, SeeedStudios.

I’m not very good with electronics and I’m not sure I understand your documentation. Can you tell me if the following is possible?

I want to combine

for home automation. Can I do it all with a duemilanova? I guess I would need one transformer for 5V and one for 9V. Can anyone confirm this?

Sorry, I’m not sure what your question is. Anything unclear about Relay Shield?


I’m trying to determine if I have the right number of pins to connect everything together.
I’m asking if someone with more experience than me can confirm it should be theoretically possible.
It would increase my confidence and make it easy to invest in seeed products.

Actually, it’s clear that you need to list all the pins will be used for each module. And the info is available on each product.
Then you will know if the pins on arduino is enough for you.
Glancing at your project, seems you need Mega for more pins.