Relay Shield v2.0 is dead?

Hi all,

I don’t consider myself an expert in the matter but I find it hard to believe that I cannot get this Relay Shield 2.0 to work at all. While browsing this forum and others I found out that most users can get the LEDs to blink but not the actual relay which is easily solved by applying an external power supply.

In my case however I can’t get there. It’s like the thing is dead. No power LEDs, no switching at all. I tried a simple sketch just in case (even if from the looks it already seems very dead to me) to try and alternate in between relays but as expected nothing much happens.

Am I the only one to find that the seeed wiki says a lot and nothing at the same time?

Could it be it’s just faulty or is there something very obvious that I’m missing out? Your help and input is much appreciated