Relay Shield V1.3 controlled through XBEE v2


im working on a home automation project and I want to use this relay shield … _134&r_q=q

to control lights and what not using XBEEs. I want this shield to be in another room and to be remotley controlled through an XBEE, without sitting on an Arduino.

I am using 2 XBEEs in API mode, using XCTU I have confirmed I can turn a LED on the remote XBEE on, but when I try it with the relay shield I hear the clicking of the relay but the LED does not light up, I have even used a volt metre on all terminals and there is nothing. wierd because I can hear the relays clicking, once when I send the command for remote xbee to turn pin on and again when I tell remote XBEE to turn pin off.

What am I missing ? why wont the LEDs turn on ?

:slight_smile: I hope you can finish your project , any problem , send e-mail to us .


How did you get your Xbee to comunicate with the relay shield? I am new to this and the directions on the wiki are extremely basic. I would like to control the relay shield with an xbee on it, by using another xbee connected to a computer and without the use of an arduino.

The wiki shows that you can do this, but if you go to the code they provide, it is arduino code. This doesn’t make any sense to have arduino code if you are trying to operate two xbees without the use of an arduino.

How were you able to get this to work?