relay shield - life expectancy and voltage

the relay shield looks like a great product but
I think there is a typo in the specifications:

100,000 ops seems awfully short for solid state relays, and since there are no moving parts - can I hope the 10,000,000 figure is correct?

Also, can this board be powered with 12V (on a light duty cycle) instead of 9V without damaging it or significantly dropping its life expectancy? I won’t be using the RFbee functionality, just connecting D0-D3 to another controller at 5V.

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Sorry for the inconvenience brought. It should be like this:
Electrical Life (Min) 100,000 Operations
Mechanical Life (Min) 10,000,000 Operations

Working at 12V should be ok and will have no influence on the life expectancy. But we did not fully test that. You can find the datasheet of L7805CV, and the max input voltage is 35V.

Hey toomanyvalves,

The relay shield’s relays are not solid state as both you and I seem to have assumed perhaps due to the description. They are in fact 4 mechanical ones. This explains the life expectancy and they other components on board the shield.