Relay Board v1.0 I2C and GPIO issue


I am using the Seeed Raspberry Pi Relay Board v1.0 managed by I2C to power on some sensors with my RPi.

So far, it work fine…

But on the same RPi, I want to use the GPIO input to catch a switch off button.

I have done all my script and test on table with success, but when I connect my device on the relay (so the relay is now managing a 12V power) and turn on the relay, all my GPIO port receive an interruption.

As my GPIO edge controls the differed shutdown of my RPi, it take me a while to figure out the issue (and also because during my test, all sounded good to me)

So, are there anybody that have managed the same issue ?

I don’t understand how between the case where the relay is not connected and when it is, I could have different behavior. A relay should be completely isolated between the command input and the controlled output !

Thank for your help !

Check the GPIO input settings. Set the IO to stay high and pull it low to ground. That was the solution that worked for me. Node-Red

Oh yes. It works when I read the falling edge !

I should start with that first. :lol:

But I was surprised by the different behavior with and without something connected to the relay and don’t try this setting :?

Thank’s for the help !