Reinstallation windows10 (x86j4105 emmc + windows 10)

I purchased x86j4105 products. (emmc + pre-installed windows 10)

I removed Windows 10 on emmc
Instead, I installed Windows on sata ssd.

However, it was not automatically authenticated as expected,

I reinstalled to emmc using the backup image in wiki.
After that, I checked whether it was certified or not, and it said that it could not be certified.

What are the ways to re-certify?

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@song2000yln Which version you bought? You mentioned “certified” means win 10 activated?

Yes, that’s right.
I bought x86j4105 emmc 64g windows 10 enterpise (pre-insralled).

@song2000yln Only mentioned “Activated” version be activated, otherwise it just pre-install win 10 and device driver.


I bought Activated, 64gb emmc(telec)

but, Activated disappeared on reinstallation.

You can input the activation code again, the code printed in the windows sticker.

Thank you.

Is there a window sticker in the product package?

I will contact you directly.

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Try to reinstall Windows 10 Pro on SSD.

I also facing problems in reinstall this forum will help me! quotes in urdu