Reinstall Seeeduino gateway kit

I did something terrible wrong…

Now I’ve got to reinstall my seeeduino gateway. I’ve downloaded rhf2s001-v0.0.6-20170829.7z on my PC, but how do I get this on my raspberry?

Can anyone help me out?



Hi there:

1.first enable internet on the Raspberry.

2.use command ‘ifconfig’ look at ip address

3.downloader sofetware “winSCP” on the PC the winSCP,fill in to ip(Respberry ip) ,username,password

5.Drag the file to the box on the right, and the specified folder will be ready.

I want to generate a new SD card from scratch. Where can I find the SD card image or instructions on how to install the software for the Raspberry Pi?



Hi Renato,

Please plug the sd card into PC and then use to download the image to SD card. unplug the sd card and plug to raspberry. it will work. thanks.

Seeed techsupport team


I have a similar issue. Where do I get the SD card image? I need a link!

Also it would help to know how to build that image starting with a basic Raspberry Pi distributions.

Hi there, Here is the link for the image. <LINK_TEXT text=“ … vZRDC/view”></LINK_TEXT>. we also provide the link at end of wiki.<LINK_TEXT text=“ … y-firmware”></LINK_TEXT> thanks.

Seeed techsupport team