Regarding the Grove CO2 sensor


  • what is the maximum ppm that a exhaust pipe of a car (gasoline/diesel) can provide?

  • and is it planned to release a “better” stats (higher ppm/accuracy)?

If 2.000 ppm is ok to measure CO2 of cars then I may continue with a raspberry pi project

thank you


1.Please read this article. Some information is available about exhaust emissions here and their concentration.

2.We only have one type of CO2 sensor and its data-sheet is availble here

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I don’t get it:

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide, concentration of the exhaust in percent of the total sample. = Completely Burned Petrol, represents how well the air/fuel mixture is burned in the engine ( efficiency ). This gas gives a direct indication of combustion efficiency. [b]It is generally 1-2% higher at 2500 RPM than at idle.[/b] This is due to improved gas flow resulting in better combustion efficiency. [b]Maximum is around 16%.[/b] At night the trees convert CO2 in to Oxygen. Preserve them!

does it mean 16% is 160.000 ppm or CO2?

summarizing, can your device meter an exhaust pipe or not? thanks


This CO2 sensor is generally used for environmental applications. We do not have specific information if this would be suitable for automotive use.