Regarding STM32Cube MCU Package

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I’m new to this forum and new to STM32WLE5JC. So, apologies if I made any mistake in my question.

I’m trying to connect wio-E5 to LoRaWan Network. I have followed the steps mentioned in the documentation(Wio-E5 Development Kit | Seeed Studio Wiki). However, I don’t have ST Link device. Can anyone guide me the alternatives like how to use USB connection in place of ST link.

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AFAIK , it’s a whole eco system with ST, so the external programer DEVICE is required. Only some (2) of there kits have a programer built in(blue-pill), the ST-Link .V2 they use is $1.90 on-line and you need one to use ST32 based devices.
You want to have a LQQK at How to program STM32 – The Complete Guide – Smart Solutions for Home
it’s a BASIC must read to a handle on the process. All the stuff is in “.prog” files and you generate the hex to program. Seeeds stuff is packaged that way also. The connection is by "SWD"Pins from the DUT(wio-E5) to (programming device)ST_link v2.

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Hi Everyone,
I have procured the ST link cube programmer and followed the instruction mentioned in SEEED(GitHub - Seeed-Studio/LoRaWan-E5-Node at qian). I didn’t find any output in TTN window also getting below error in STM32CubeProgrammer IDE.
make: *** No rule to make target ‘C:/Users/retail/Downloads/LoRaWan-E5-Node-qian/LoRaWan-E5-Node-qian/Utilities/trace/adv_trace/stm32_adv_trace.c’, needed by ‘Utilities/stm32_adv_trace.o’. Stop.

kindly assist me to resolve the error and get the output in TTN.