Regarding NFC Shield


I am currently working with the NFC Shield and have successfully implemented full peer-to-peer communication according to NFC-forum standard. At least it can send and receive NDEF messages to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I will report hints on where you can find information about LLCP, SNEP, NPP and NDEF wich are all a part of the protocol standard.

I have a question about the actual NFC Shield. Is there any reason why you use TXB0104PWR for voltage leveling? Doesn’t PN532 have a separate powersource (DVDD) for the digital voltage level?



I found out the answer myself. SPI is connected to PVDD and IRQ to DVDD. DVDD has to be on the same voltage level as TVDD and AVDD. TVDD is the power for the antenna… The easiest way is to use a voltage level converter like TXB0104PWR.


Can you share the code you used to “interface” with the samsung galaxy nexus? :slight_smile: