Reflashing Wio-E5 Mini with AT Command Firmware

I recently bought 2 Wio-E5 Mini dev boards to create a P2P IoT system. I understand that the boards can be programmed with either the AT commands over UART which is probably the simplest way. Or you can erase the firmware that allows for AT commands and program directly on the STM32 chip.

I would like to try both AT commands and programming on the chip, but the product page of the module clearly states that once you erase the default firmware, you won’t be able to reflash it. Is there a binary anywhere that would allow me to put the AT command firmware back on?

I would like to be able to test out both types of programming without fear of not being able to go back. Thank you for your help!

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to you. As described in the Wiki, once the factory firmware has been deleted, we do not have the files available to allow the device to be restored.

That is a little sad. In your opinion, would you recommend programming with AT commands or right on the MCU?

To begin I would advise play with AT commands (MCU programming of ST devices is quite a nightmare in my opinion, the IDE of ST is quite complicated and cumbersome in my opinion and unhappy you can’t program it with Arduino IDE :frowning:

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That’s really weird decision from Seeed , providing the AT Command binary image wouldn’t show your proprietary source code.
That’s inconvenient.

Sage advice… I think the seeed version is HALF a loaf…
I see these RAK folks have it figured out, You can use BOTH and Arduino IDE is coming.

This section covers the hardware and software specifications of RAK3172. Also, it includes the block diagram 
and the **updated firmware link** of the RAK3172 WisDuo module.

(RAK3172 WisDuo LPWAN Module Datasheet | RAKwireless Documentation Center)

ONLY HI POWER on the E5Mini. also not good decision on seeds part. no inside low power applications everything based on *14dbm (20dbm) :face_with_spiral_eyes:
Why it matters is here

its not their YET IMO :face_with_monocle:

GL :slight_smile:

i don’t understand – do you mean that transmission is only hi-power? is there a way to put the processor into a low-power sleep mode? thanks.

yes, to find out more , I suggest you read the link.
GL :-p