Reference wave form in DSO Nano v3, firmware v4.00

It may just be a stupid question, but I’m unable to figure it out by myself… how do you hide the reference waveform (magenta color) on the DSO Nano v3, firmware v4.00 ?

Should be under Ex, Ext Refn, cursor left/right(or maybe B/reset button) until it goes away? That’s from my original manual, can’t test it myself though.

Thanks, but tried that already; it moves, but it does not go off screen, unfortunately. Posted the same question on the minidso forum and the reply was… it can’t be done. No way of hiding it.

That’s one more reason to use the BenF firmware…

I’ve posted same reply to minidso forum so maybe it is against manner to post here too,
but FYI.

I found a way to make reference less visible.
Use Load Dat command and load an empty wave data.
To make an (almost) empty data, connect probe +and- directly and save as 000.dat.

This way reference can be reduced, but always doing this bothers.

I learned from stefanu123’s post that BenF firmware cannot save at non-SD nano v3.
Is there any possibility for BenF firmware to be updated to addapt for v3?