Reducing ESP32C3 Power consumption while still Scanning & Advertising?

Hi, is there a way to reduce power consumption of the ESP32C3 (right now it takes 80mA, which I think is a lot) while still being able to Scan and avdertise via Bluetooth?
I think it doesn’t work in deep/light sleep mode. Any other suggestions wise people from the internet?

Is it possible to have such an idea: wake up in the case of deep/light sleep through Bluetooth scanning? Due to the complex program logic and other devices on the board, the project will also be connected to other hardware, so the level of power consumption actually needs reasonable control by the user, you can refer to similar articles, perhaps you can open a new post with everyone to discuss how to obtain lower power consumption

Reduce the frequency and duration of Bluetooth scanning and advertising to minimize power consumption. Use เบทฟิก the appropriate scan window and interval settings to strike a balance between power savings and responsiveness.

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Reducing power consumption on the ESP32C3 can be achieved through various methods. While it may not work in deep/light sleep mode for Bluetooth scanning and advertising, you can consider the following suggestions:

  1. Low Power Modes: Explore other low-power modes that allow you to turn off certain components of the ESP32C3 that are not needed during Bluetooth scanning and advertising. This might include disabling unused peripherals.
  2. Optimize Code: Review your gst code and ensure that it’s optimized for power efficiency. This could involve reducing unnecessary loops, minimizing the use of delays, and optimizing data handling.
  3. Adjust Transmit Power: If you’re advertising over Bluetooth, consider reducing the transmit power if it doesn’t significantly affect your application’s range requirements.