Red color wrong with I2C color sensor (arduino code)

Hello everybody,

I’m using the I2C color sensor :
with the Arduino UNO.

And I encountered a bug : when I put it over a red surface it indicates “Error,the value overflow
So I checked this forum and I found this topic :

Post subject: “Bug in color sensor twig sample code” ->

Finally I removed the test to see what values the terminal prints, well if you look at the Chromaticity Diagram (see first link : Figure 4) it actually goes on overflow so the author “dave” wich posted the topic (2nd link) din’t resolve the problem… (nothing personnal dave :wink: )

My questions are :
Have you an idea about it ? Why it overflows ? Are the value attached to the red are wrong on your code ?

By the way, I didn’t forget to switch ON the LED and I’m using a sheet of paper where I printed the primary colors (no brilliant reflections) …

thank you.

Anybody ? :cry:

i’m sorry to reply you so late.
According to your said,we have a test.
When used to detect the color of the light source, a slight of red light can led overflow.
But When used to detect the color of things,it can word well normally.
We’ll update this project ,and thanks for your mention.