Recording via python with Sample Rate over 16Khz


In the specifications of v2, it says that the max sample rate of the ReSpeaker is 48Khz.

I tried to do it in python and it sent me an error.

What parameter should I send in order to record at 44 or 48Khz?


Hi, I didn’t received any answer regrading this issue.

Can I record in higher rate than 16kHz in the ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0?

In your site you say the max rate is 48kHz but python send an error “OSError: [Errno -9997] Invalid sample rate” for the following rates: 44000, 44100, 48000.

So, what is the max record sample rate that I can record at, and what is the parameter I need to enter in order to record in that max sample rate.

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HI David,

If you want to use 48Khz, please burn the 48k_1_channel_firmware.bin or 48k_6_channel_firmware_6.02dB.bin firmwares first. Here is the detail instructions.

sudo apt-get update

sudo pip install pyusb click

git clone

cd usb_4_mic_array

sudo python --download 48k_1_channel_firmware.bin

For more info, please refer to thanks.