recording mic array 2.0 with 6 channels


wonder if how to record mic array 2.0 with 6 channels.

update firmware with 6_channels.bin audacity

2. choose device

3.choose 6 channels



my question are:

  1. at step 2, should I use headphone:mic0 or mic1?
  2. after record stop, audacity doesn’t show ‘channel 0~6’, instead it shows audio track 1~6, is it correct?

    3.track 1 looks a mix of all sounds(include noise), the other tracks like a recording with specify location(e.g. track 2 is rear left, track3 is front left…etc)
  3. I am expecting a track with noise reduction, how to do it?sounds the track 1 or track 2 can’t meet my expectation.

Hi there,

If you use the windows, please select the windows wasa as below. the processed data is in channel 0, the channel1~4 are raw data, the channel 5 is playback. for the noise reduction, please refer to channel 0. thanks.

6_channels_firmware.bin 6

Channel 0: processed audio for ASR

Channel 1: mic1 raw data

Channel 2: mic2 raw data

Channel 3: mic3 raw data

Channel 4: mic4 raw data

Channel 5: merged playback