reComputer J4011 - forgot password

Hi all!

Simple yet annoying problem:
I haven’t accessed my reComputer J4011 for several months and I cannot seem to remember the password even though I am pretty sure it was a simple one.
The device has no real security relevance to us ( it is not connected to any corporate network nor is there any sensitive data related to it).

Any tips on how to access it?
I want to avoid reflashing, as I don’t have a linux host computer at disposal, which is why we bought an already setup device in the first place…
Apparently there is just my account on it and no other. I read that on older version there was an ubuntu and nvidia admin account, but i cannot see those…

I thought about going into recovery mode via the boot menu and trying to remove the password from the /etc/shadow.
But I am no expert on that and not even sure this is feasible and I fear locking myself out indefinetly by messing that up.

So any ideas or hints?

Hi there,
Funny not, similar thing happened to me and a old HA install, on an Intel NUC,
Luckily the install was on a SSD, I removed the chip and put it in a USB enclosure.
I was able to look through the files and find the one with the plain text user and password.
re-installed it and Viola!
maybe something like that?
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

Oh wow, plain text passwords! :sweat_smile:
Well in ubuntu they are hashed (in /etc/shadow at least)… :confused:

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