#Recipe Contest August:EMW3165 - Enthusiastic Makers Wanted!

Dear All,

The Recipe platform is growing bigger month by month. Especially since the last “Call for Alpha User” event, a lot of creative projects came out and we already send out all the Readiymate to the new users. Nice job all the makers! The campaign is still going on until we get enough 100 alpha users.

Meanwhile, this month we bring out another exciting event: EMW3165 - Enthusiastic Maker Wanted!

We know that the EMW3165 module by MXCHIP has drawn a lot attention since it was put on Seeed’s Bazaar. It provides WiFi connectivity with a more powerful microcontroller STM324F, which has much better capability when developing wireless application, and also with the MiCO system as optional. Surely you can expand your imagination to all kinds of IoT applications, home automation, vehicles, environment, robotics, gaming, …etc.

So we saved some EMW3165 to give away to our Recipe users. Once again, the rule is simple:

  1. Propose your project ideas to recipe@seeed.cc, commit to write a recipe for it after you get the boards.
  2. We send out the EMW3165 module and a EMWE-3165-A development board to you.
  3. Complete your Recipe with step by step guide.


Since we’ll only have limited supply, first come first serve :slight_smile:. We will give a $10 coupon to buy a EMW3165 module for those we cannot offer the actual boards.

In the end of September, we will select FIVE most creative and best documented recipes as winners, the prize will be provided by MXCHIP!

If you encounter any technical issues, MXCHIP’s engineers will give their warmly support!

For the discussion of EMW3165 toolchain and projects, please feel free to go to the forum: emw3165.com, which will be supported by MXCHIP MiCO team.