Let Your Works Glow with [size=200]RECIPE[/size]

Dear Makers,

The creative idea itself does not talk, and the amazing works of yours would never be known by others if you keep them in the corner of your workshop. The spirit of sharing is one of the greatest human natures that pushes us to the modern civilizations.

Now it’s time for you to ‘recharge the battery of your robot’ and share it with others.

Recipe’ is a specially-made forum on the Seeed Studio webpage where makers can upload, share their creative ideas and interesting works by describing the detailed making process of their products, which we called as making a ‘recipe’ for it.

From 16th March 2015 to 31st March 2015, sign up in the following link:
and send an E-mail to recipe@seeed.cc to tell us about the awesome projects you have done or the projects you are currently working on (it would be better if you attach some images in it), then write a recipe and post it on our Recipe.

You will receive a fascinating [size=150]Rainbow Cube[/size] from us:

One Recipe for One Rainbow Cube, the more you post, the more you’ll get.

NB: In this event we have only 15 Rainbow Cubes to give away. So, the first come, first served.

Wow. I am definitely going to win this year because i have fully prepared my self this time and there is no way to lose the title this year. Beware guys.

i wanted to post my fruit chaat can o post this here…

thats a great news.

I just posted my first recipe! Please check out my project at:
seeedstudio.com/recipe/328-a … erver.html