Recieving Access is Denied Error with XIAO ESP32-S3

Hello. I received my XIAO ESP32-S3 Sense today which was purchased through Seeed Studio on Amazon. When I plug it into my computer, the Arduino IDE recognizes it as a “WIFIduinoV2”, and following the Getting Started tutorial, I can select XIAO_ESP32S3 under “select other board and port” in the IDE. The code compiles and everything works fine right up until it has to upload and I get:

Access is denied.
exit status 1

Compilation error: exit status 1

Also, I could not seem to get the board in bootloader mode following the tutorial’s instructions. Could anyone help me with my error messages and explain what indicates that the board is in bootloader mode?
Also, has anyone been able to successfully install Micropython on this board?
I found this: MicroPython - Python for microcontrollers
but I am not sure if it works as I have read people struggled installing Micropython.

It seems to at least upload the code after trying it on the old IDE. There are still many library issues which do not happen in the new IDE.


I have the same Problem. The URL to install the Boards on the Arduino IDE Creates an Error.
I can not find the XIAO_ESP32-S3 i us the Arduino IDE Version 2.1.1

Here is the error:

Error: 2 UNKNOWN: Get “”: dial tcp connect: operation timed out

Any updates? Did you get it working? Every time I do anything it just gets worse…