recieved my new DSO QUAD today - version 2.7


My new DSO QUAD arrived.

Startup screen shows:

Hardware Ver 2.70 Serial No: xxxxxxx
DS203 Mnin DSO SYS Ver 1.52
DS203 Mnin DSO APP Ver 2.53

According to the Wiki there is a Hardware version 2.70B not 2.70 - Are they the same?

According to the Wiki for hardware version 2.70B SYS version should be SYS_B152 and APP version should be AP1_P100.
Should I upgrade/change SYS and APP version?

I have the same version you do and the same questions.

Mine is slightly different.

Hardware Ver 2.70 Serial No: A3xxxxx
DS203 Mini DSO SYS Ver 1.52
DS203 Mini DSO APP (Plus A1) V 1.00

I think this is as it should be but interested in the APP differences.


Mine came with AP1_P100 on mine. I loaded AP3_P100 onto mine and it looks the same so I think XX_P100 is the latest and greatest and includes all the tweaks and fixes, but don’t quote me on that. If someone could confirm? Seems a lot of people state that the default firmware is rubbish/useless, but I think those posts might be very old now. I’d like to know if xx_P100 is good to use or do we need to look at the community firmware (GCC, marco sinati etc). Seems tho to try them we would be downgrading everything so it feels like to me the P100 is the latest. Its not clear if the manufacture is using the community contributions and putting them into the latest device. Anyone know what is the difference between AP1_P100 and AP3_P100 ? I can see that XX_P100 has a new GUI over older APP v2.53

AP1_P100 installs to slot 1, AP3_P100 to slot 3. Otherwise they are the same.

Haven’t tested P100 much; I hate the fact that it is not open source.

P100 seems ok to me. I haven’t had any trouble with it. I’m a bit of a novice tho when it comes to oscilloscopes but I was able to use it tune my cars audio system to a point that I’m happy with. Can you tell me App version do most people prefer? is it the APP 2.53 and will it work fine with my sys version b152 as I don’t want to downgrade anything? btw does anyone know what is the FPGA version in the hardware 2.7 and why its not listed on the wiki firmware page?

I’m using current latest GCC community edition on my 2.7 with stock FPGA & sys (1.52) and it works great. I prefer it to the stock app (which was P100 I think).

P100 apparently is just a different UI, no functional improvements. It does not look like they are picking up the community changes.

The GCC community app adds a new xy display mode, a settable voltage output level on the function generator, plus NONE and PWM. PWM can be adjusted from 0% to 100% duty in 1% increments.

So the community version is 251 with added features (plus bugs) and GCC compiled. I don’t think the 253 code changes were ever published as open source. Does anyone know what was changed between 251 and 253?


Which GCC community app have you used ? I’ve tried with APP_G251.hex found on github ( pmos69 / dso203_gcc) but it did not work (DSO rename file in APP_G251.err). I’ve also HW2.7 with FGPA and SYS 1.52.

Any suggestion ?

Thanks !

Hey guys

Just got my DSO Quad today. Hardware version 2.7, Sys version 1.52 and I put the latest APP_G251.hex on it, seems to work fine. I just downloaded it from git and flashed no problem.

The Frequency Generator is off though, which is a bit unfortunate. Any word on getting a SYS made for the 2.7 devices? I would try to compile it myself but I’m not sure where to even start as I just got the thing today.

Also, if anyone has a how-to on calibration I would appreciate it. I’m a bit of a noob.


I have version 2.7
Firmware update 3.11c
System version 1.52
with app version App (plus) 1.06

I use Ubuntu Linux. I can load as an USB hard drive and as a Vertual disk. According to both disk manager and through the terminal window. only it will not mount under any condition. I can get the DSO working, although, it seems to constantly change “Channels” the 4 top buttons…si it is repeated hit or miss restarts until the DSO app finally loads.

Does anyone use Linux here?
When it does load the application, I get on the splash screen.
“Reload Parameter Form Disk”. the form i know is a typo, however this must have something to do with the bugyness of the app loading and my difficulty mounting the DSO.

Any suggestions?

Note that you need to mount the drive /dev/sdb (or similar) directly, because the DSO disk has no partition table. I use this fstab line:

/dev/sdd /mnt/dso vfat defaults,noauto,users 0 0

This means “Reloading parameters from disk”, i.e. you have some saved configuration that it is loading. This is normal.