Recent Seeeduino config file for Arduino IDE fails

I could not add Wio Terminal board support to a recently installed copy of Arduino IDE.

I’ve accomplished this many times in the past. The newly downloaded JSON file from Seeed appears to have a typo about 5 lines from the end of the file … there is a trailing “s” at the end of the the last “size” checksum number. The IDE indicates a parse failure. Anyone else confirm this bug in the file?

Also, I can’t find a way to manually coax Arduino IDE to use a “locally repaired” copy of the file. So I’m belly-up on recompiles for Wio Terminal.

Seeed’s board definition file is here:

Same. I can confirm it’s in the JSON…

size “12765957s”

Error started around 1:05 PM Eastern time.

Following for the fix, because I’m dead in the water too…

Thanks for confirming this so quickly, NotBlaine. Hoping Seeed will act on this quickly as well.

We have received your problem, and we have feedback it so far. We will fix the related problem as soon as possible. You can try to update the JSON file as necessary in a week, and then try it again. Thanks!

I’ve been searching for how to get Arduino IDE to use a locally-modified version of the JSON file for the board definition. It doesn’t appear to accept a local path directly, or a file-based URL like “file:///”. Do you have any guidance on this? If not, then the week of delay you cite for the repair is quite long, as all new (and any accidental updates to existing) installs of Arduino IDE are “dead in the water” without this fix.

Yesterday we have quickly fixed the JSON problem. It is expected that the synchronization modification can be uploaded after the test is completed in these two days. If you need the file urgently, you can try to put the JSON file in the local folder of the Arduino IDE.

Thank you for very fast turnaround on that, Citric!