Receiving SMS on GPRS


I bought the GPRS module, and followed the instructions on the wiki. Sending SMSes works well. But how do I receive an SMS?


hello. :stuck_out_tongue:
when you receive a SMS, you will receive a message like: +CTMI “SM”,6, that to say: hey, there is a new message on your SMcard ,the index is 6! and now , you can type in AT command like:AT+CMGR = 6 , and then you will get the message . and , there is aother way , you can type in : AT+CMGL=“ALL”, to get all the message on your simcard. (be sure there must be a “\r” after each command)
you can ref the attached PDF for more information about AT command.
SIM900_ATC_V1 00.pdf (1.42 MB)

The output gets scrambled:


+CMGL: 1,“REC READ”,“VMLite”,"",“11/12/06,23:21:43+08”
At 23:21:26 on 2011-12-06 you received a call who would like you to call back.

+CMGL: 3,“REC READ”,"+27123456789",“Arn”,“11/11/18,22:25:45+08”
Kom nou

+CMGL: 6,“REC READ”,"+27123456789",“Werr”,“11/11/19,19:59:05+08”
Hi…nou eers die sms gekry, mmmmm…sm[/code]

but the rest of the messages doesn’t get displayed. I changed NewSoftSerial to have a buffer of 256 but it still too small…

Any ideas?



You have to read a specific SMS to get its full content. Looks like in the message list there is just the intro.

You might like this project as a sample –