Received PCB from SeeedStudio


I have just received my pcbs from Seeed - Thank you for these boards - and I am just having some questions.
The pads on the top layer and bottom layer does not seem to have contact between them. Should there be?

No holes for the components have been done. Should there have been drill holes from manufacturer?

I am only wondering if I have done something wrong when using eagle to produce the design.

You probably made some mistakes when designing the board. It’s a good idea to check the Gerbers before getting the board made, I use GC-Prevue.

OK… I was afraid of that.
I guess I assumed when placing the components and supply the files needed everything was there.

The boards are suppose to be drilled and the pads are suppose the have contact between the top and bottom layer then.

Now I need to figure out what might have gone wrong.

Anybody knows about a good tutorial to use for Eagle and SeeedStudio?

Check the Gerbers!

Did you enter the schematics in Eagle first and then went over to the layout/board part of Eagle and placed & routed the parts there?
Or did you just “draw” the pads and copper wires directly in the layout/board part?

And did you run the to generate the Gerbers?
Are all 13 files generated by the .cam included in the zip file you sent to Seeed?

The cam file can be found at …


Yes I first draw the schematic and then did the pcb board part.

I checked the file using eagle rule file and created the gerbers using eagles cam file.

I did not however send all 13 files. Only the files Seeedstudio say they need.

  1. Gerber file requirements:
    The following layers are needed:
    Top Layer: pcbname.GTL
    Bottom Layer: pcbname.GBL
    Solder Mask Top: pcbname.GTS
    Solder Mask Bottom: pcbname.GBS
    Silk Top: pcbname.GTO
    Silk Bottom: pcbname.GBO
    Drill Drawing: pcbname.TXT

So do I send all 13 files?

Hi all,

I have checked my gerbers using Viewplot and everything looks to be fine.

If I open only the drill txt file all drill holes are present.


I got a bit anxious about my own PCB order after reading your post, but I finally received the boards today (ordered January 20th) and they seem to be all fine. I had sent the 7 files (G[TB][LSO] + TXT, generated using the Seeed .cam file) in a zip file, sounds pretty much like what you did.

Can you attach the exact file that you sent to Seeed, so that we can check it?