reassign analog inputs to digital inputs/ music shieldv1

hi i would like to reassign the analog inputs of the shield to a digital input, is this possible?
im working on a project called microdrum and would prefer to use your music shield in place of the wav trigger by sp***fun. the analog inputs are used for the trigger inputs from multiplexers to the seeeduino uno r3 by the microdrum program. im not familiar with what those pins are needed for in your shield. i have a version one board and would like help to cross it over. if thats possible? please and thank you for your time.
a total noob

hi anybody home? i thought this would be a simple question. okay ill continue to wait. thank you for your time

D14(A0) - Used for Reset of VS1053.
D15(A1) - Used for Data Require of VS1053.
D16(A2) - Used for Data Select of VS1053.
D17(A3) - Used for Chip Select of VS1053.
D18(A4) - Unused.
Could someone explain these pins. Are they necessary or can they be reassigned

It is a simple question with a complicated answer. You would need to find new places for those pins and then you will need to modify the library so that it can still correctly control the shield.

The reset pin should be fine if it was connected to the Arduino’s reset pin located on the power header and any functionality involving it in the library will need to be removed or commented out.
The other three pins could be moved over to D9, D8, and D2, but you will loose the ability the use the LED on D8 for something and will need to remove or comment out any control of the LED from the library if it has control over it that is.

Thank you for that answer kind sir!
I will try that and see what happens.
Thank you again for you time.

Oh could you help me find an explanation on the actual function of those pins? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t quite grasp if I’m reading about the right functions of all the pins on the chip

The Chip Select is a part of using the SPI standard. The MOSI, MISO, and SCK pins can be shared with other chips that also have an SPI interface, but each chip sharing those will need its own Chip Select so the microcontroller can communicate to a specific chip.

This particular chip has two chip selects, one (Chip Select) is for selecting the control interface and the other (Data Select) is for selecting the data interface.

“Data Require” is a typo and should be “Data Request”. That pin is an output that allows the microcontroller to know whether or not the 2048-byte FIFO buffer on the VS1053 can take another 32 bytes, or not.

Thank you