Realtime Sensor Data Aquisition - GPS v2

Hello, the Rephone manual states that you should ‘simply connect the add on modules like…and xadow GPS v2’ and easily access the real time sensor values BUT I have not been able to get this to work.

I have bought 2x GPS v2 boards and 2x basic sensor boards but I cannot see any readings for GPS values?

Can Seeed team please advise what the correct procedure is or if this is a miss-print in the manual? Many Thanks

Try going outside, maybe they can’t see 3 sats properly from the room.

There’s support for the sensors in the Kit Create software, but I haven’t found any GPS stuff in there yet.

I did test the GPS I bought with the gps test sketch and it was getting information (I didn’t verify the accuracy, the first tests were merely connection and basic reading), so I’m pretty sure the one I got is functional, but yeah, nothing shows up in the Kit Create.

I’ve looked at modifying the sensors.* source code to add gps versions, but I don’t have anything close to working yet. I have expanded the Kit to 2 home screens and added to the new 2nd screen a “GPS” window, but it’s unpopulated still. I’m sure that’s what has to happen, but my experience with IIC devices is limited to what I’ve looked at in the sensors.* stuff, so it’ll be slow going.