Yesterday I received Readyimate Main Board.
Now, I need information on how to use it. I need a step by step to make it work.
I searched for tutorials on the net and not found.

Can anyone help me?


Please update the attachment files.
You can download the latest code in here (219 KB) (36.6 KB)

Download the ZIP files and decompress them to the root of your SD card. …

The earlier wifi module need to be update the firmware. Pls download the sketch, modify the SSID and Password in the program. Download the program to your main board wait the finished messages from serial monitor. The LED turn green at the end. (1.16 KB)

If all above step have done, open Arduino IDE ->File->Example->readiymate_customer_code. download the code.
The last things please visit
You can got a surprise from the board, enjoy it.:slight_smile: