readiymate + lipo pro

Hi guys, I am new here:

I would like to know if anybody can help me with this. I need to power a readiymate with a wind up crank… something like those wind up radios. I was thinking of also using a lipo pro to capture the charge from the generator (dynamo) but I am not sure if that will produce enough current. How do I check that? As anybody used a wind up crank on the lipo before? How would I connect it? And what battery shall I buy?

Please help asapppp!

or maybe someone can advise me if it will work with a normal arduino just to start off with.

at the moment i am using this wind up generator here, for specifics: … rator.html

Hi,the input of lipo rider is : DC: Vmin 4.8v Vmax 6.5v Imin 400mA Imax 600mA
So, you need a rectifier units , and confirm that your output voltage of generator(the current out of generator is AC, so current should be rectified) less than 6.5v and more than 4.8v.

then , you can connect the output of generator to input of lipo rider.And you can use a 3.7v lithium battery.

But your generator has three wires , we don’t have the datasheet . So you might do it refer to previous parameters.

Hi Jacket Chen,

this really makes things much more clear! Thanks so much for your reply! :slight_smile:
Now, I have another generator that I found in a torch which is connected to a bridge rectifier called DB107, I was thinking: do you reckon that would supply the right amount of power?

Specs here: … 211_R5.pdf

Hello again,

I just tried checking with a multimeter and that rectifier is exactly what you meant! :slight_smile: it’s outputting DC!
The problem is that it easily goes over 6.5V which will blow the Lipo Rider, right?

Could you advice me on a bridge rectifier which would output only the required current/voltage?


Hi , the outputting DC voltage could not more than 6.5v.

you can choose a rectifier that can turn your outputting DC voltage to 5v.And if the outputting DC current is more than 600mA, you just add a proper resistor that can decrease your current.

hi there,

could you maybe advise me on a rectifier that does that?

please! thanks a lot!

First , you can use a rectifier diode(IN4001), turn AC to DC , and then use a DCDC module(LM2595,, so you can get a 5v voltage.