Read data from several SHT31connected yo grove base hat raspberry pi 3B

I would like to use several SHT31 sensors with the Grove Base HAT.
How many sensors can I connect (3? because there are 3 i2c slots ?
how to read the data from all the sensors?

I use the code from :

can someone help me to understand where the number of the i2c slot is specified ?

Thank you!

Ok, you can connect several I2C sensors provided that they do not have the same address … which was not at all clear for a neophite like me!

according to this link :

the SHT31 has the address 0x44
If I connect 3 SHT31 on the Grove Base Hat, will there be a “collision” in the addressing ?

Is it possible to change the address of SHT31 ?

I also read that we could create another I2C bus (on the grove base hat ? on the raspberry ? ) but I really don’t know anything about it, does anyone have any documentation about it ?

thanks a lot in advance !