Re-server SIM slot and supported 5G modem

Hi, I purchased the reServer i5 version. Currently I connect 5G modem through the M2 B-key. The modem is detected and correct driver is loaded. I can use the AT command. But when I inserted valid SIM card in the SIM slot, the SIM card is not detected. Is there anything I need to configure so that my SIM card is detected?

May I know if the reServer support / tested with any 5G modem? If so, please let me know what make and model are supported, thanks for any info!

Hi, insert the SIM card and reboot again. Confirm the card contact side is correct.

Hi, I inserted the SIM card and reboot again, but the ‘SIM card not detected’ issue still exists. Also confirm the SIM card contact side is correct. Any other suggestion? Thank you!

Can you tell me the module modle num. ? Some 5G module isn’t support because some pin define by the module is not compatiable with Reserver.

The 5G module that I use is Thales 5G modem, MV31-W SUB6+PCIE M.2 CARD, in the link there is datasheet for the modem. Thanks for the help!


A slight correction / addition to the above.
We tested with both PCIe version ( MV31-W PCIe ) and USB3 version MV31-W USB ( ).

(1) For the USB version, the OS did detect the modem (‘lsusb’ also listed the modem) and loaded the driver (e.g. ifconfig -a listed it as wwan0). However it failed to work, as it did not detect SIM card (was able to use AT Commands through /dev/ttyUSB1. AT+CPIN? returned “SIM not detected” message).

(2) The USB3 version was able to work with an external M.2 B-key => USB3 adaptor (with SIM slot on adaptor). SO for at least for USB version the OS configuration seems to be OK. Only SIM detection is the problem. SIM is inserted with contacts facing the PCB. SInce the slot is polarized it is not possible to insert any other way. Also we have tested with multiple SIM cards.

(3) For the PCIe version the OS failed to detect the hardware it self ('sudo lspci` didn’t report any new device!)

Any assistance appreciated!
Also if you can provide the 5G Modems that were successfully tested with reServer will be highly useful.

Hi Any update on this?

Also, any 5G Modem model(s) that has been tested/verified on the reServer?

Not on the reserver but on the previous j4105 board I use Quectel RM500GL without any problems and fairly ok to work with, does SA mode and getting linkstats from AT interface and GPS is reliable as well since latest firmware.

With ref. to Sin Lam’s post above on the PCIe issue : Please provide details of configuration pins on the M.2 B key socket which specify the configurations that are supported. Are any specific settings/driver config (Linux kernel 5.15.x) needed to enable PCIe support?

Hi all, I use “Dell DW5811e Snapdragon X7 LTE 3P10Y Sierra EM7455 Qualcomm 4G WWAN Card Module”, and my re-server can detect the modem. However, the SIM card is not detected. I have tried a few other SIM cards and none is detected. May I know any way to troubleshoot it or the device has faulty SIM slot? Thanks for any info!